LED Pointer







Next generation NON LASER pointer applying LED illumination, created utilizing the essence of optical technologies owned by Scalar Co., Ltd. in Japan

Visibility & Safety make LED Pointer as the next generation pointer even in classrooms

Remarkably Improved Visibility:   1 inch (approx.) diameter spotlight when used from 10 feet away illuminated by LED Pointer is larger and easy to watch it resulting in less stress on audience's eyes.




Drastically improved Safety:   The strength of light generated by LED Pointer is less than 5% of 1 mW laser pointer, and accidental damages on eyesight are significantly reduced.

Three Colors You Can Choose From:   Red, Green & Blue color spotlights available.




Patents applied for the technology on convergence of LED lights forming round spotlight several feet away from the LED Pointer.

                                Specifications (subject to change without notice)



Product Name:

LED Pointer

Spotlight Color:

RedGreen or Blue


Light Emitting Diode

Wavelength (Center):

Red 632 nm, Green 520 nm, Blue 465 nm

Estimated Battery Life:

Red 1.5 hrs., Green 1 hr., Blue 1 hr. (when turned on continuously)

Spotlight Diameter:

1-3/16" (applied from 10 feet away)


AAA Alkaline Battery x 3

Body Material:



1-3/4" x 6-1/4" x 1-5/8" (44 mm x 158 mm x 41 mm)


4.7 oz. (135 grams)

Operating Temperature:

40 - 95 deg. F


1 Year